No beginnings. All unrepentant middle.
— Rosmarie Waldrop

i like playing with programming. i can still remember trying to make a windows command line do something interesting circa 1999 while surviving an intro to c++ class in high school. what i ended up with was somewhere between experimental art and tech demo. and i had a complete blast doing it.

these demos are not “real” software. they are nothing more and nothing less than a continuation of my enjoyment of playing with programming as a way of exploring edges, ideas, questions, and maybe even life itself.

clock001 (2021)

An experiment in layering and abstracting the passage of time, with blocks of time stacking across the day, minute hands that are fuzzy, and colors shifting based on time of day, month of year, and year of a six-year period.

exponential letters (2021)

This started with me wondering what it would look like to see really large numbers in both words and digits. It uses the names for numbers from this wikipedia article. There are two ways to name numbers and I am using the one that I accustomed to, namely the way that does not use milliard or billiard, even though these names are obviously awesome.

random dots (2021)

looking for source (2020)