I was going through what i could sense was going to be a big shift in my life when I made this. If you look at the comments of the html you will see:

“in the end, you are always left with a question.”

and, farther down the page:

“what shall I do?”

I’ve found solace and grounding in the simplicity of this sentiment over the past few years. When chaos is storming, coming back to this question, while not always easy to answer, helps declutter my mind and discern whatever I can see as the priority in the moment. It’s been helpful.

While contemplating this question, again, I created this as a sort of meditation on that particular moment in time. A scanning of my context(s)/environment(s) looking for clues or insights into how I might answer the question.

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quest(ion)s: What shall I do? Why did I orient the motion up and down, Why a vertical orientation/scanning when looking, Where else in my life does this instinctive vertical alignment show up?