While browsing wikipedia one day i chanced upon the “clustering illusion” which initiated circling thoughts around notions of randomness, chance, and indeterminacy. I started by (re)creating the illusion through simple plotting of dots randomly. But then the patterns and motions caught my attention, leading me to the addition of cycling (randomly selected) colors on a (randomly sized) grid of canvases and a handful of simple (not random) interactions:

from this excursion some questions still linger with me: What patterns of motion catch my attention in quotidian life? How do I, practically, make meaning from randomness/chance? How does my perception of what’s going on change if I shift from viewing one perspective of randomness (grid-mode 1) to multiple perspectives of simultaneous randomness (grid-mode 0), in this experiement and in life? How can I get more in touch with that subtle sense that I feel right before I click, a sense of desire or expectation for the next thing, How can I work with that and add it to an intuitive know-how? What is the practical difference between indeterminism and not, chaos and order?