when i wake

  1. when i wake and ask, Why is my
  2. heart here? when i wake and seek,
  3. Where is my heart moving? when i
  4. wake and speak, How will my heart
  5. go? when i wake and listen, What
  6. is my heart saying? when i wake
  7. and when i sleep and when i gaze,
  8. Who dares to separate the seas
  9. as i move along curves between
  10. a heart that aches and a heart that
  11. swells, a heart that presses and
  12. a heart that bursts? in beat by
  13. blood-dripping beat comprehensions
  14. and surprises bloom. collisions may
  15. perhaps
  16. be space debris or self-
  17. discovery or something like
  18. these paths i did not make but glisten
  19. sparkle with a scent (but how)
  20. of under-standing or of love
  21. or of simple scenes where petals leave
  22. some flowered trees,
  23. a fall upon ambivalent line through final life
  24. or final climb with whispers waking, Watch
  25. and learn to dance with spaces in-between
  26. until you rest with us upon the grass
visual companion
procedurally generated pattern
procedurally generated for this poem