Curiosity on the eve of thirty-eight

  1. How can this number count and speak
  2. diversely echoing things?
  3. How does my life weave together
  4. through loops and stitches in the air,
  5. invisible dances within the mind?
  6. How can I decide
  7. if a cost affirms a choice
  8. when its searching dove is wearied
  9. and returns with emptiness, instead of ground?
  10. How will I celebrate my gain, my loss, and the unknown?
  11. How do I learn to pace with patience
  12. around my aerie and daily keeping
  13. eggs that hold experience and self-determined hatching?
  14. How can repetition be the salve and balm
  15. to ease the passages through time?
  16. How does this wandering soul choose
  17. which way to go or estimate expense?
  18. How can all my paths end up
  19. at their beginning, me beside myself
  20. and calling to the wild?
  21. How do words I spoke so long ago
  22. in desperation, come back wiser to me now?
  23. How do I love with fervor I remember
  24. when a murder gathers to remind?
  25. How do I find the missing words
  26. to assemble what I feel?
  27. How is reconciliation found
  28. if parties languish in desire?
  29. How does a parent
  30. whisper to a child
  31. with words of wonder and of horror
  32. while looking at the clouds?
  33. How do immortal roaring storms
  34. elect their day to calmly slip
  35. behind the night and wait
  36. while their wearied child wobbles down
  37. and down until assuaging dreams reply—
  38. time to wake, to stand, and roar upon your own?