The trauma said, “Don’t write these poems.
Nobody wants to hear you cry
about the grief inside your bones.”
— Andrea Gibson, “The Nutritionist”
  1. If I bleed on these pages
  2. If I cut my soul open bare
  3. And raw     /  If I
  4. Cut my finger tips and write
  5. My story my pain in blood
  6. What will it do
  7. Will it take it away
  8.   No
  9. Will it reknit my soul
  10.     No
  11. Will it
  12.         No
  13. Will it
  14.                 No
  15. What                will what will
  16. When I              can smell the blood
  17. Of your              finger tips as they
  18. Trace                  and touch and
  19. Caress                these lines
  20. As they                 also bleed until
  21. Oxygen                 is low
  22. Until a                      breath   is a birth
  23. Until a                         blink   is a life
  24. I               don’t know
  25. I               don’t
  26. I               just  don’t